Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Humphrey Visual Field AnalyzerThe Humphrey visual field is a diagnostic device used to test a patient’s complete “visual field,” which includes the peripheral vision. It is a simple, painless, out-patient procedure and takes only minutes. It is based on automated perimetry, where repeated light stimuli of varying intensities appear in different parts of the field. Fields are charted on the basis of patient’s perception of these lights. The results obtained from the patient are then compared with those of the age matched normal population and the amount of damage is quantified. This quantified data allows for the early diagnosis and management of countless conditions. Progression is now easily monitored. This test is invaluable in diagnosing, and monitoring the treating patients with glaucoma, where peripheral vision irreversibly lost without symptoms until later stages. The Humphrey Visual Field is currently the gold standard for managing glaucoma. It is also useful in many neurological conditions and in conditions affecting the optic nerve of the eye, such as intracranial tumors, strokes or multiple sclerosis! In an optometric practice, the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer is accepted as the best diagnostic tool for visual field analysis available.

Humphrey Visual Field AnalyzerVisual field seen with a stroke in the parietal lobe of the brain.