If there is a scratch in my glasses will it cause vision problems?

Scratched your glasses?

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Scratched your glasses? It happens to all of us. It is all too easy to drop your glasses or leave them somewhere only for them to be knocked onto the ground or hit by something which causes a scratch in the lens. While a scratch in your glasses is certainly a cosmetic problem, a lot of our patients ask us: will a scratch in my glasses make my vision worse? Can it give me a headache? Read on below for more information about how scratches on your glasses can affect your vision. 

While a scratch on your glasses is certainly inconvenient and definitely distracting, it shouldn’t harm the optical system of the eye. However, it is possible that the damage or scratch could be distracting enough to end up causing headache or eye strain if left unattended. Therefore, many patients choose to replace their damaged glasses to prevent this strain or discomfort. If you have questions about your current glasses or prescription, call us or contact us through the form below. You can continue reading below for information about what else could be causing your vision issues.

Are my glasses giving me headaches? 

There are a number of reasons why your glasses could be causing headaches. Of course, there are also a lot of causes for headaches unrelated to your vision, but if you have new glasses, this could be causing your symptoms. If you have a new prescription, or just got new glasses, your eyes have to adjust to these new glasses. There are six muscles in the eye, and if you have new glasses they may have to work a bit more or differently than they are used to. This can cause muscle strain within the eye which can lead to a headache. 

Another possible effect of new glasses or a new prescription is that you may be adjusting to new lens powers for the first time. Lens powers refers to the degree to which the lens adjusts light. If you are adjusting to a new prescription, the lens power may have changed, which can strain your eye a bit as it adjusts to the new prescription. In addition, if you are wearing bifocals, trifocals, or progressives for the first time, this can also cause a bit of eye strain as your eye gets used to the new lenses. 

Still having issues with headaches from your glasses? It may be that you have the wrong prescription. There is room for error in any human endeavor, and an eye exam is no exception. If you think you may have the incorrect prescription for your glasses, come see us and we will get you in a correct pair. 

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How can I prevent headaches from my glasses?

If you have new glasses that are causing you some discomfort due to the adjustment your eyes are making to the lenses, it is critical that you do not reach for your old glasses. This will only prolong your headaches. The key here is to simply wear your glasses until they adjust to the new prescription. Feel free to rest your eyes throughout the day as needed, by closing them or taking off your glasses for short periods throughout the day. If you are still having headaches or eye strain, come see us for an eye exam to determine if there is another cause for the visual discomfort.