Is my prescription the same for sunglasses and regular glasses?

Prescription Sunglasses

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Interested in prescription sunglasses? Your regular eyeglasses help your eyesight while inside or at night, but the one thing they can’t do is help shield your eyes from the sun on a bright day. This is why many of our patients opt for prescription sunglasses, to combine the visual improvement of their glasses with the protective screening of sunglasses. One of the first questions our patients have when considering prescription sunglasses is: are their sunglasses for my prescription? Can I use my same glasses prescription for sunglasses? The answer is yes. There are prescription sunglasses options for virtually every prescription, even for progressive lenses if you are presbyopic and need multifocal lenses. If you want sunglasses, we should be able to find you a pair that will also work with your glasses prescription. Call us or contact us through the form below to schedule an appointment for prescription sunglasses, or read on below to learn more about the benefits of prescription sunglasses. 

Should I get prescription sunglasses?

Only prescription sunglasses can improve your vision while also offering a variety of tint options to give you comfortable vision in bright sunshine. If you are someone who spends a lot of time outside, or just enjoys wearing sunglasses when you do, consider prescription sunglasses. There is no substitute for prescription sunglasses outdoors if you are someone who already uses glasses. If you are looking for maximum protection from the sun, you can also opt for a polarized lens option to filter out bright reflections from water, cars, and more. Even if you wear contacts and you just use a normal pair of sunglasses over them, a pair of prescription sunglasses can still be a great investment. That way you have an option if you would rather remove your contacts because they are dry or uncomfortable. Plus, swimming with contacts is not recommended because it increases your chances for eye infections. If you have prescription sunglasses you can simply throw them on once you leave the water. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wearing your contacts places like the beach or the pool, which will make those hot Austin summers much more pleasant! 

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How much do prescription sunglasses cost? 

The cost of prescription sunglasses varies significantly depending on which frame you choose for your lenses. There are lots of options available, including stylish designer options which can carry a higher price tag. Prescription sunglasses represent an investment, but if you spend a lot of time outdoors or don’t want to worry about wearing contacts outdoors or places where you plan to be in the water, they are worth it. 

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If you are interested in prescription sunglasses, visit our offices in Austin to peruse options and speak to our optometrists about how to get your prescription in sunglasses. Don’t sacrifice your quality of vision for protection from the sun when you can have both. Visit us today to explore prescription sunglasses options with your same glasses prescription. Call us or contact us below to request an appointment.