Our State of the Art Technology

The Most Advanced Eye Exam Available


We provide the highest standard of care with the latest cutting-edge technology. Here are some highlights. Feel free to click on the links below to get more information about some of the technology we use to serve our Austin area patients with the best eye-care possible.

Our State of the Art TechnologyOur Optomap retinal imaging system provides an alternative to dilating the eyes, so we can avoid the side effects commonly experienced with dilation, such us blurry vision and sensitivity to light. As a result, disease states that cannot be diagnosed with the dilation method are found with the Optomap, allowing us to create digital retinal images. These retinal images of the back of the eyes are saved in your permanent electronic file for future reference and comparison, which is an excellent method for detecting glaucoma, retinal detachment, diabetic eye retinopathy, and many other eye diseases. Our OCT instrument is the standard of care in detecting macular, retinal, and glaucomatous pathology.

Our new Spectral Microscope is the best instrument for detecting corneal pathology connected to contact lens usage. We can now check if your contact lenses are treating your eyes well or if we need to change them for you.

Our brand new Corneal Topographer helps us provide you with the best and most accurate contact lens fit.

Below you will be able to read about some of the state of the art technology that we utilize within our office.

Simply click on one and learn more about it and how it is used in our practice.