Optomap Retinal Exam

State of the Art Retinal Imaging


Optomap Retinal ExamThe Optomap is a revolutionary technique that can generate an instantaneous, ultra-wide field digital image of the retina. It can captures and analyze an image of the retina without dilation, for the early detection and management of countless eye diseases. As a result, disease states that can not be diagnosed with the undilated pupil can now be evaluated! This care can be given to the patient without experiencing blurred vision or sensitivity to light following a typical dilated eye exam.

Obtaining Optomap retinal images is comfortable, quick and very simple. By looking into an eyepiece, at the push of a button, the digital image of the retina is captured in less than a second, with only a small flash. The digital retinal photo is then linked to the chart and used for the continued monitoring and management of the patient. It is then immediately displayed to review with the patient.

This most often leads to a “wow factor” for patients and also allows the doctor to easily educate the patient on any condition, increasing patient compliance to treatment. This groundbreaking technology can lead to improved disease detection and patient management. This allows for the best possible management of almost any retinal disease that can be diagnosed!